The Story  of the Italian  Village and the Balconi  Family

As  a boy who grew on the dirt streets of  Sicily,  John Balconi knows something about what it means to be authentic Italian. As  the son of  the town baker, who never wanted  to see anyone  go without bread-  whether  they could afford it or not – he knows what it means to be hospitable and to treat people the way you want to be treated. And since his  father died when he was young, John has known nothing but working hard to provide for his  family first in Italy,  and then as they arrived in America with little more than each other.

Through 5 decades, the Balconi family has shared the same food at their restau- rants that they shared at their dining room table at home. They’ve never been about feeding customers, but welcoming all  through their doors to join  their family for a meal. Mayors, Governors and Hollywood stars enjoyed the same hos- pitality as plant workers, bricklayers, and college students.

From Grant Street to Wherle Drive, Buffalo has followed the Balconi’s and the Italian Village Restaurant around Western New York.  A lifetime of experience has been poured into the newest incarnation of the Italian Village Restaurant.

The authentic Italian food is inspired by the family meals of Mr. and Mrs. Balconi in their youth in Sicily,  but the atmosphere is anything but old  fashioned.

The beautiful, intimate dining room creates the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful meal and conversation while the two banquet rooms provide the perfect space for events ranging from 15-100 people.

Of  course,  the new Italian Village Restaurant lives up to its  storied name,  with each meal getting the Balconi seal of  approval before leaving the kitchen, and every guest  walking away with the same feeling you’d get at the family’s dining room table.

We thank you joining our family at the new Italian Village, just as thousands  of Western New York  families have for generations. Be our guest and enjoy a great meal and a fantastic night out. It is our pleasure to serve you.

The Balconi Family